SAML 2.0 - AWS Integration Guide


Step 1) Navigate to

Step 2) Press “Add a new application” and then “Add custom SAML app”

Step 3) Give the Application a name eg. “Whistleblower Software”

Step 4) Download the AWS SSO metadata files

Step 5) Upload the downloaded metadata files in the Whistleblower Software interface under “Settings” → “Security settings” → When Saml login is enabled:

Step 6) Download Whistleblower Software SSO metadata file in Whistleblower Software interface

Step 7) Upload the file in the AWS interface


Step 8) Under Attribute mapping add the following configuration:

  • "Subject" → "${user:email}"
  • "first_name" → "${user:givenName}"
  • "last_name" → "${user:familyName}"
  • "email" → "${user:email}"

Step 9) Press Save changes

Step 10) Add the permission for the users that need access to the app.


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